Rehab Success Story

J. Cocchi, age 43, a skilled wood worker, was treated at Marlton Rehabilitation’s Out-Patient Program after a left above elbow amputation due to multiple medical issues. Previously, he has been independent with all activities of daily living & driving – lives with his wife.

Due to his therapy, both the improvement in functionality with his new prosthetic arm and the quality of bimanual skills with activities of daily living have significantly and positively impacted the quality of his life. This is what Mr. Cocchi has to say:

This is what Mr. Cocchi has to say:

“My name is Jason Cocchi. I began my journey with Marlton Rehab in early Spring. It became clear soon after the initial meeting with doctors and therapists that this would be a totally new process for all involved”.

“I’m glad I found an occupational therapist, Elisa S. who is not afraid of new challenges. Although working with a new robotic-type prosthesis, there were really no guidelines to rehab it. Elisa has literally written the book on techniques and tools to use to operate a device such as this. I’m glad to be a part of the process. There are many frustrations that go with learning these skills. Elisa never let me quit nor has she ever given up on me. It has been a life changing journey, I will take with me for life. I have no doubt she will change lives for other people like me”.

I would like to thank God, Marlton Rehab, and especially Elisa for giving me back a quality of life. It’s not how you start, but how you finish!”