Rehab Success Story

On Nov 9th, while watching the NFL Chicago Bears play, Mr. Jim Manley, age 58, began to experience a severe headache. His football team was not doing well with this game, but the headache was not from the game on the television. Jim was suffering a massive stroke and his right side headache was about to begin weakening the left side of his body. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and then transferred to Capital Health Regional Medical Center’s Institute for Neurosciences. Jim suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and required specialized neurological surgery to repair the blood clot and vessels in his brain.

Following the hospital stay, Jim was transferred to Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital (MRH) for Inpatient speech, physical and occupational therapy treatments. These treatments were tailored to his left arm and left leg weakness. His speech and cognition required speech sessions. He progressed well at Marlton Rehab with nursing, daily physician care and rehabilitation. He required further surgical procedures and continued therapy, returning to MRH. He worked with the therapists to improve his strength, coordination, balance, posture, walking, talking, and the ability to dress and groom. His devoted wife and family were often seen at his side encouraging him.

This was a life changing experience for Mr. Manley, who was used to being very independent, active and had no prior medical history.

His course of care and challenges made him very reflective about the experience. He shares the comments below:

“My biggest accomplishment was getting the use of my arm and left hand back and feeling my left leg work again! The thought never came to my mind that I wouldn’t be able to move my arms, but I didn’t know what a stroke could do then. I do now. You have to believe in the system. It doesn’t happen overnight. But follow the instructions and you’ll get better. They may be small steps but you’ll get there. Therapy was something I looked forward to and have never been disappointed. I can guarantee that I learn something from therapy every day, usually multiple things. It’s a pleasure to see one more step. I couldn’t wait to find what the therapist would get me to do daily. I have never been to another rehab, but in my experience, I can’t imagine a better rehab than MRH. It has met all of my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone. I am now looking forward to going home with my wife and grandkids. Be back to where I was in every way!” ~ Jim Manley 2015

Mr. Manley returned home to his family following a send-off with cake and balloons to celebrate his achievements and progress. We look forward to seeing him at Marlton Rehab’s Outpatient program.