Rehab Success Story

On November 23rd Jose Morales, age 51, was driving home from his job and was involved in a terrible automobile accident. He suffered from Multiple Trauma and was rushed to the nearest trauma hospital suffering a severe injury to his left leg, internal injuries, and a head laceration. Due to the extent of his leg injury, he immediately underwent a below the knee amputation. Within 2 weeks he was discharged home to his wife and 2 sons, ages16 and 19, to heal & wait for his prosthesis.

This was quite a life-changing experience for Mr. Morales, who was accustomed to being very independent, active, athletic, and had no significant prior medical history.

On January 30th, the day after receiving his new prosthesis, Mr. Morales began Out-Patient Rehab at Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital. His program consisted of Physical Therapy for strengthening and balance exercises, prosthetic training, and ambulation training including community barriers. All he wanted was “to be able to do everything I did before.”

Andrea Varone, physical therapist, indicates that Mr. Morales has made excellent progress. He initially was using crutches and had difficulty weight bearing on his prosthesis. However, due to a strong focus on his exercises and gait training, a positive ‘can do’ attitude, and 36 rehab sessions later he is able to independently walk indoors as well as outdoors and comfortably maneuver around community barriers without the need of crutches. He is back to enjoying life and his younger son’s soccer games. When his next socket is received, he will continue his Out-Patient program at Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital and work on “high level activities”.

Mr. Morales happily comments, “I’m feeling at least 80% better than when I started. The progress has been much quicker than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to get my new socket so I can learn to run and get back to softball, bowling, and return to my work as a Newark police officer.” There’s no doubt that Mr. Morales’ original goal will come true!