Rehab Success Story

On Christmas Eve 2011, Mark Francia, who resides in Marlton, NJ had the misfortune of falling down brick steps rupturing both quadriceps tendons. Within seconds, he went from a fully functional and active person to dependent and bedridden. He recalls awakening from surgery with both legs immobilized – “looking like a hockey goalie”, he says, “having no idea how I would ever walk again”.

On 12/31/11, Mr. Francia says he was “blessed” by being transferred to Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital to start “the longest journey I have ever been on but one that would be the biggest success story of my life. Therapists Mike and Krista, my physician Dr. Douglas, and all the nursing staff and aids provided me with tremendous care and uplifted my spirits. The therapy staff showed me how to adjust to living with the immobilizer braces and prepared me to return home on 1/12/12 versus to a nursing home.” Being home-bound, Mr. Francia was set up with the necessary medical equipment and home care therapy and nursing services needed to continue the healing and therapeutic process.

In February 2012, deemed no longer home-bound, Mr. Francia says, “I was happy to return to Marlton Rehab Hospital, as planned – this time as an Out-patient. After careful review of my situation, my therapist Dwight thought I would be a great candidate for aquatic therapy and obtained my surgeon’s approval. Dwight’s suggestion turned out to be a tremendous boost to my ability to learn to walk again and do strengthening exercises more easily in the pool than I could have ever done in the therapy room.”

Two follow-up surgeries ensued. But with continued outpatient rehab at Marlton and his own determination, Mr. Francia ultimately learned to walk with a cane and drive.

In March 2013 Mr. Francia completed his Out-patient therapy program, but wanting to maintain his newly acquired strength and skills, he enrolled and continues to participate in the Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital’s Community Aquatic Exercise Program as part of his long-term exercise and strengthening plan.

“I cannot say enough compliments about the wonderful care, personal attention, and rehabilitation results I’ve experienced at Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital. I’ve been blessed by the tremendous goodness of others and the outstanding medical care I received from so many professionals at Marlton. Today, I can independently walk up and down steps, sit in a regular chair, sleep in my own bed, drive a car, walk unassisted without a cane, go shopping, and return to many of the activities I enjoyed before I fell. I am grateful to Marlton Rehab and especially to my therapists for bringing me back from being bedridden, not knowing how I would ever walk again, to someone who is now independent and truly appreciates life even more!”

Mr. Francia continues to be a strong spokesperson and advocate of the inpatient and outpatient services provided at Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital.