Rehab Success Story

“In November, I suffered a severe fall after tripping on bricks outside in the dark, landing on both arms. I fractured 3 bones in my left elbow, and 2 bones in my right hand. In one terrifying moment, I could no longer eat, write, bathe, or go to the bathroom without assistance. I was fortunate, however, to have been transferred to Thomas Jefferson Hospital and underwent successful surgery.”

Within a few days of Margaret “Mimi” Zordan’s surgery, the retired nurse, mother of 2, and active grandmother was transferred, under the recommendation of her physicians, to Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital for Acute inpatient rehabilitation. Her physicians felt that she would need the highest level of inpatient rehabilitation services to address both her medical management needs and provide her with the best chance of regaining her independence. Mimi significantly improved and 2 weeks later was able to return home. She still, however, had more rehab goals to meet in order to be as independent as prior to the accident.

She chose Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital’s Outpatient services to continue her occupational therapy program for the next 4 months. The transition was easy because Marlton had all of Mimi’s records and her Rehab physician was easily accessible if needed. Her individualized program consisted of modalities for pain relief, edema, muscle re-education, ultrasound, fluidotherapy, paraffin, splinting, range of motion exercises, and manual mobilization for soft tissue and joints.

“Out-patient therapy was demanding and sometimes painful – 3 times/week plus supplemental exercises at home. I was fortunate to receive great care and support from my husband, Larry, and work with an excellent, caring team of therapists.”

“Slowly, with lots of hard work, I regained my mobility and independence. Marlton’s occupational therapists played a significant role in my recovery. I am grateful for their professionalism and support. I can now look forward to enjoying my retirement with Larry, and spending time with our grandchildren.”

Mimi is a perfect example of someone who suffered a traumatic event and required both acute inpatient and comprehensive outpatient services at Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital. This provided her with continuity of care in which she was able to transition from one level of care to the next – resulting in the best possible outcomes. Another Marlton Rehab success story!