Rehab Success Story

Many thoughts raced through my mind as I prepared for total hip replacement surgery last year. At the top of the list of concerns was would I be once again able to live the extremely active lifestyle I had grown accustomed to. Being an avid runner and also officiating two sports as possible. After the surgery (Dr. Nazarian, Pa. Hospital) I was determined to find a rehabilitation facility that would meet my needs. After speaking to former patients and doing some research of my own I decided to schedule an appointment with Marlton rehab for an evaluation. The first visit reinforced that I had made the correct decision to come to Marlton rehab. During my initial consultation with Dwight Healy (PT) all concerns I had were replaced with enthusiasm, let’s get the ball rolling. Dr. Nazarian had prescribed aqua rehabilitation, which I was quite pleased with. From my first aqua session to the completion of therapy, Dwight Healy provided me with the techniques, guidance and encouragement to reach the goals we had set for my recovery. Less than one year to the date of surgery I competed in the Brad Street Run, the fourth time I had run this race. I have also resumed officiating sports, another passion of mine. To this day I have continued to do the daily exercise program that Dwight provided me during therapy to strengthen my hip and surrounding areas. I have also returned to Marlton Rehab to take advantage of the water exercise program offered twice a week. A huge thank you to Dwight and the staff at Marlton Rehab for the excellent care I was provided.

- Walt O.